7 Simple Ways to REWEAR and RESTYLE your Indian Outfits!

Moyra stands for pro-sustainability. We believe in going with the trend, at the same time keeping in mind the wearability, re-usability and re-styling. So that you can enjoy the look and feel of your favourite pieces more than once, in many ways.

So here we bring to you, the hottest fashion trends by re-using and re-styling your favourite pieces to ensure an amazing revamped wardrobe for those elaborate and traditional Indian attires. 

1. Belting up your outfits:

    • Belts are a statement piece and can be used to dress up and dress down depending on the occasion.   

      Orange Pleated Dress With Bhandej Jacket

      However, it's important to know what kind of belt should be used as every outfit calls for something different, free styling advice from Moyra is always provided to its customers. 

        Pink Dress with Cape and Belt

        • It is time we stop underestimating the confidence a belt gives us. It is perfect to accentuate a dress and give it a tinge of a formal look, making a simple tunic into a chic Indian party dress, a loose-fitted formal dress into a fusion ethnic dress and gives an exquisite look to a saree.

          2. Use of Denim:

          The perfect example of fusion wear with western styles and Indian touch.

          • It is easy to style Indian Kurtis with denim, or even wear it under a long tunic for all the youngsters and teens. 

            • It appears casual and ethnic at the same time. A classic example can be a simple white Kurti with blue jeans and a colourful dupatta. 

            3. Layering with Scarves:

            Another chic style, to revamp a seemingly monotonous outfit can be a scarf. It can be easily matched with many simple outfits.

            • It can be worn with elegance around the neck, and the edges can be tucked into a belt when opting for a long dress, it can also be tied loosely around the neck for a more 90’s style.

            4. Saree not sorry! :

            Revamping a saree can be seen as tedious but it's one of the easiest things to do especially with the diverse range of options!  These are ways to renew old sarees: 

            • It can be turned into a beautiful lehenga, a two-piece set or even an elegant gown. 

            Yellow Bandhaj Long Tunic with Sharara

            Another sustainable way can be utilizing it for all its worth by making pieces for kids, or using it in bits, transferring embroideries and making a whole new outfit! 

             Powder Blue Tunic with Dhoti Pants

            5. Capes

            Capes transform a boring outfit into an eye-catching fashion statement! We at Moyra utilize its potential to the fullest!

            • Capes can be easily styled with a blouse and a lehenga, they can be worn over sleeveless gowns as well.

            Pink Sequins Dress with Floral Embroidered Cape

            • They can also be used over white denim. Capes add flair and poise, making an outfit go from casual and boring to chic and trendy.

              Bandhej Jacket with Denims and Inner

              6. How to restyle and reuse a bridal lehenga?

              Bridal lehengas are heavy, detailed, worth the price and most importantly, versatile. 

              • They can be used to make Anarkalis or make heavy dupattas
              • Gowns can be easily made by a lehenga
              • Can be teamed up with a long slit kurta or jacket
              • How can we forget the thumka of a desi Punjabi suit?! Shararas never go out of style and can easily be transformed with a heavy lehenga! 


              • Pair it with a shirt or a top and revamp it into a  perfect party gear

                • Capes and heavy dupattas can also be made by bridal lehengas 

                7. Skirts

                This option should be ideal for young teens or college-goers!

                • A simple skirt can be worn with white, black or even a fancy top

                Organza Lehenga with Ruffle Crop Top

                • They can be worn with scarves, or even made into one.
                • Most significantly they can be made into cute Palazzo pants which can be styled with capes, scarves, belts and a lot more! 

                We hope this article inspired and gave you the push to transform your wardrobe and be as pro-sustainable as we are! 

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