Act of Kindness

MOYRA aims to bring a difference in the lives of people by associating and collaborating with Disha Foundation and helping them achieve their vision.

We aim to empower underprivileged women by providing job opportunities by buying recycled newspaper bags and other packaging materials from them.


disha foundation women making paper bags

VISION: Empower the children with quality, holistic education and opportunities to develop into responsible citizens to overcome social injustice.

AIM: To make children good, reliable, responsible and confident indian citizens.

Disha Foundation - Success Story

SUCCESS STORIES: Umaravati- a widowed mother of three, earns a living by making paper and crochet bags. She also runs a tea stall.



Disha Foundation teaching childrendisha foundation - teaching kids

Under our small effort in giving back to our mother earth, we work on a green sustainable model of packaging our outfits, with very less use of plastic and only reusable paper or cloth bags.