If you think you can only be sustainable by buying “organic” clothes, then think again

At Moyra – we give you value for money and help you make a sustainable purchase.

At Moyra, we believe in the idea of delivering sustainable fashion. However, we know creating an ethical wardrobe from scratch could be a daunting one.

We are aware of the issues relating to limiting your choices in terms of trends and brands, not to mention having to spend a little more than you would normally.

All of the above concerns are of course valid, but it isn't as hard as you might think to get yourself headed towards building a sustainable wardrobe– and  we assure you it's definitively worth it in the long run. Both for the environment and your pocket!

 We suggest you to invest in something which promises more longevity. Outfits that you can wear again and again. Try opting for more versatile pieces that can be styled in different ways, rather than buying that one unique item you know you are going to wear once and will fall out of fashion in no time.

Like our Poncho Cape style wear.
You can either style them causally over white pair of jeans for a day brunch look, or glam it up by styling them with same hue tailored pants for a much more demanding event.


Following sustainable fashion is mostly about making informed choices, and all it takes to begin is a closer look at your wardrobe. Reduce, reuse and recycle should be your goal for this year.

Choose your outfits wisely, thinking of how you can use it at multiple occasions without getting bored of it.
Our designs ensure maximum usability and newness every time it’s style differently.

We love our uber stylish blue set with tailored top paired with asymmetrical skirt.
To add that wow statement – throw on our organza cape and accentuate your waist with a belt. Adding to your muse, the top can also be paired with your favourite set of black or white pants too.

Sustainability also means to be holistically aware of how much are we splurging on ourselves and honestly, fashion always seems like an added expense.

But at Moyra, we want to change that mindset of our customers.
We promise value for your money by giving you set of outfits that are great pieces even when worn indivudally.

One of our most favorite from the Nouveau Collection – very elegant green satin gown. This can be worn as a fancy cocktail dress. When attending  your friend’s Mehendi function or wedding, pair it with our cape – and there you are looking absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

The cape can also be styled with any other outfits of your choice. Keep exploring and experimenting!

At Moyra, we define the old set rules of fashion and make it friendly for both - planet and people.

We make fashion fun for you.

Not sure about the style that would suit you best? Worry not. At Moyra,we have our dedicated team of designer and stylist waiting to help you.

Book our free consultancy by reaching out to us on Call/WhatsApp - +91 86973 70743 or simply DM on insta.


It’s time for you to let their experts take over. Do get in touch soon. Happy looking beautiful! 



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