Women's Wear Shopping at Moyra

Imagine surfing through various e-commerce platforms to look for your perfect trousseau wear but not finding anything that suits your needs completely? Sounds familiar right? – This doesn’t seem to make shopping for your wedding fun and fulfilling as imagined. But worry no further! Fortunately, we at Moyra are here to customise all your needs and requirements and be your style guide to help you design, style and flaunt your best looks. 

Our clients are our celebrities. Let us be your personal couturier. A one-stop solution for all your needs.

Here is the list of services we offer to provide you with a seamless experience while shopping for your trousseau or upcoming festivities in the family.

  1. Your designs, our customisations: Do you have any specific design that you want to wear but not finding the perfect couturier to help you bring those designs to life? We are here to curate outfits based on your special requests of designs mixed with our sensibilities. Send us inspiration for any outfits you have seen. Our expert team of stylist and designer will brainstorm with you and create the best piece according to your style for your big moments!

  2. Forget about S, L, M sizing hassle: We believe in bringing back “Made to Measure”. Choose an outfit of your desire and get in touch with our stylists to take your custom measures. All outfits are customised as per your body measurements.

  3. Choose your Fabrics: Not a big fan of silk? We have got you covered. Choose from our wide array of options and get your outfits designed in fabrics that you wish to.

  4. Customise your silhouette: If you think that straight pants are not your go to style or would want to get a sharara made for a heavier and more traditional look, – we will be at your service to get your silhouette made as per your request.

  5. Colour of your choice: We customise all the outfits in any given colour that you wish to wear. Also, our team of stylists are here to assist you in selecting the most optimal colour that accentuates you and your personality.


At Moyra, every customer is important to us. We are here to assist you to personalise those designs and shop hassle-free by putting your faith in us.
Happy Shopping with Moyra!

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